Finite Impulse
Reponse Technology

To ensure the best possible equalization of the whole system, the FIR flter works on both tweeter and bass (complete flter) – including therefore, the tran-sition band between both. The measurements required to adjust the FIRTEC coeffitients take place on the complete speaker system, including crossover set-up of the drivers, so that the corrections include the complete geometry of the system.

This procedure allows an individual calibration of the system after local installa-tion. This means that any peculiarities of the monitoring room can be adjusted for in the confguration of the FIRTEC equalizer. The factory default settings of the FIRTEC flter result from measurements in an acoustically inert room where-by each individual (!) driver is calibrated. In this way, all manufacturing toleranc-es have already been compensated for in the calibration. Of course, the perfect impulse reproduction is supported by all utilized drivers.



FIRTEC Frequency response
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