VALtec* - Variable Acoustic Lens



VALtec Horn


Just another groundbreaking invention by KS AUDIO

The New and only solution for accurate high power, high frequency beam steering. Adjustable by hand or servo, scalable, compact, inexepensive.


With VALtec, we are taking the next logical step in speaker development. Although we can already achieve very accurate acoustic reproduction with our existing horn constructions and radiate sound over a defined range, whenever different room situations have to be sonicated, it was necessary to find universal solutions with no compromises that reach an optimum in sound quality.

Runtime under control

Thanks to VALtec, there is now a solution to deal with a loudspeaker system different sonication tasks. VAL stands for Variable Acoustic Lense and makes horn designs with variable angles possible.

VALtec offers two levels of adjustment: There is a wave shaper that reshapes the sound pressure from the ring diaphragm to a slot-shaped outlet. The waveguide contains two (or more) mutually rotatable segments, which allow the path lengths from above and below to run the same or increasingly different. This creates an inclined wave front in front of the slot. This makes it possible to direct exiting sound waves very accurately up or down. "

This design guarantees, that even at very high frequencies, no interference occurs, also the high sound pressure of a driver is completely preserved. In addition, there is no need for the large number of small tweeters that are used in conventional speakers, as well as the required power amplifiers and DSP channels.

Beamsteering - manually or remotely

As a second setting, VALtec offers variable opening angles for vertical radiation. To realize this, there are two more rotatable elements with symmetrical geometry inside the sound guide.

The desired settings are either made manually (for example, in fixed installations) or can be accurately and silently moved to the desired position using two precision servos per adjustment plane.

 With VALtec, we are bringing a breakthrough technology to the market that is equally suited to scalable and compact solutions, enabling a multitude of new applications. VALtec can be integrated cost-effectively into different loudspeaker systems and already at the PLS2019 we will hear first systems from KS AUDIO in use.

*patent pending


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