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The 4-channel loudspeaker controller module with digital signal processing for amplifiers of the KS series CA 4D and TA 4D. A unique convincing solution forperfect sound and easiest handling.

The KS D MOD2 controller module complements the F MOD modules for applications where no quick change of theloudspeaker systems is required - i.e. especially in the installation area.


The one-time configuration of the loudspeaker system is done on the module by a USB stick transmitting the data while the system is switched on. During that process, both the signal inputs and the power outputs automatically receive the correct function: from four individual channels via two channels in BiAmp or high- performance bridge mode to a single-channel 3-way active loudspeaker system with bass-bridge output stage, and optionally “BI-Amp” control, any operation mode is possible.

In addition to digital signal processing with FIR filter technology, the special feature of the D MOD 2 is its complete operability and controllability via standard networks. An integrated gigabit switch allows daisy-chaining to the next device. The KS REMOTE PC software enables easy management and graphical operation of an unlimited number of controller amplifiers arranged in groups.
All inputs can be controlled either digitally or analogously. Simultaneous digital and analog operation is also possible. A network-audio transmission using DANTE protocol is available as an option. Despite the many new possibilities and state-of-the-art technology, the D MOD 2 can replace an existing analog or digital controller by simple front-panel installation. This puts your public address system back on the cutting edge of technology.




Specifications D MOD 2
frequency range 10-20000 Hz (without processing)
analog inputs 4x 20dBv balanced, 27 Bit A/D
digital inputs 2x AES/EBU 110 ohms, balanced
sample rates 30 – 192 kHz
signal processing 4 independant DSPs
operating modes 4-ch, 2-ch biamp, 1-ch triamp, 2-ch woofer bridge mode
speaker equalization IIR and FIR filters
user interface PC-Remote, webserver
size (h/w/d) 40 x 230 x 190 mm 1.6“ x 9.1“ x 7.5“
weight 0,6 kg / 1.32 lbs



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