CPD 1203




12 x 3 “ CPD 1203(1)

KS AUDIO CPD 1203 is designated for specific application within CPD Series for speech reproduction with very high intelligibility in an acoustically difficult environment. There are many applications in which CPD 1203 can be used, such as small live event, media room, conference, convention, as self-powered delay unit for long throw application, or combined with subs like CPD B2 for full-range sound reinforcement.

12 full-range speakers sized 3 inch plus 12 integrated amplifiers in bridge mode with DSP controller allow a vertically varying dispersion angle in a wide range of the direct sound field. The components are protected via front grille, which is covered with acoustic foam. The housing is covered with stylish, durable and weather resistant polyurethane coating. It also has uncompromised acoustic performance and is easy to install no matter the shape of the back wall and at any angle. Two M6 rigging points, recessed sockets as well as various accessories such as ball-joint wall brackets are available for easy installation.

Customizing of vertical dispersion angle and main axis of sound projection may be remote controlled via software.

This enables the speaker mounted vertically on an architecturally unobtrusive location while the audience area may just be below it. A subsequent accurate alignment to the speakers in an inaccessible position is also possible. Presets for all kind of sound characteristics can also be selected such as music playback at medium levels and high power speech application.

Premium components, best materials and precise processing result in state of the art sound reproduction. The connection sockets for power and digital audio signal are recessed, so cable connector cannot interfere with mounting situation.

Modular power routing via internal PSU or external battery back-up ( both 24V DC )

In this way, the absolute assurance of emergency alerting is done with ease.





Specifications CPD 1203
frequency response + / -3dB 100 – 17,000Hz
output SPL 123dB peak
dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees) 150° horizontal, -6dB
integrated amplifier / system controller type 12x PWM (bridged pairs)
drivers 12x 3“ -conus
power in Wrms 360W
input connectors XLRF, RJ45, 24VDC
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane, All RAL colors available
dimensions (height x width x depth) 1000 x 125 x 125 mm 39.4“ x 4.9“ x 4.9“
weight (without options) 8 kg / 17.63 lbs
features 2 x M6 mounting points
options mounting frame

Datasheet english

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Manual english

Manual deutsch



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