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Line Array
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The KS AUDIO T LINE is a Line Array system which sets the standard in audio quality for all live event.?The enclosure is a 2 way design and has a basic dispersion of 90° by 5° and a frequency response of 60Hz to 19KHz. The addition of the KS AUDIO subwoofer T SUB extends the frequency response to 35Hz. Each T LINE enclosure is?loaded with 2x 12// speakers and a 2" compression driver. Both types of driver use neodymium magnets.


The T LINE is powered by the KS AUDIO 4-channel amplifier TA 4D. Two channels In bi-amp mode, can power two T LINE cabinets, two TA 4D amplifiers?therefore, can power an 8 box array, The unmatched audio quality of the KS AUDIO line array T LINE is complimented by its superb ease of use. The T LINE is controlled by the company's Firtec technology in the FMOD ® controller module. It is common practice these days to use array configuration software to determine the configuration of a line array. These types of software claim the ability to make very complex mathematical calculations (to determine the behavior of the wave front) based upon 2 or 3 physical measurements of a room. This cannot and does not work.

At best. this method results in a different frequency response each time the?configuration of the array is changed, at worst the complete breakdown of the wave front.?The KS AUDIO approach is to provide the user with a number of different array configuration presets. These presets show the correct angle to be used between each of the boxes in the array, and the attachment point of the rigging to the flying bumper.

The REMOTE software is also used to control all system parameters in the FMOD® module.





Specifications T LINE
frequency response +/-3dB 60-19000Hz
output SPL 141dB peak
dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees) 90°/5° single
system controller type TA 4D with F MOD 32Bit digital
drivers 2x 12”-cone ND, 2"-driver ND
power in Wrms 1120Wrms (500+500+120Wrms)  at 4 / 8 Ohms
crossover frequency 800Hz active
input connectors speakon NL4
output connectors speakon NL4
cabinet birch plywood
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane
dimensions (height x width x depth) 374 x 990 x 505 mm 14.7“ x 39“ x 19.9“
weight (without options) 52 kg / 114.6 lbs
features integrated T-flyware
options T-RIG cradle
heavy duty padded black cover




Flugrahmen für T LINE Elemente, zum Stacken und Fliegen  Rollbrett T LINE (Bsp.Bild)      



90.000 RIG T

 90.003 Rollbrett-T      



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