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Line Array
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U LINE extends the KS AUDIO program with a system that meets the requirements of highest sound quality and easiest handling. The quality of the audio performance exceeds almost all the systems available on the market.

The system consists of two 15” speakers, four 6.5” mid-range drivers and four high-frequency drivers with 1 ¾” ring diaphragm. All components are equipped with the strongest neodymium magnets. Both the mid- and high-frequency range are transducing with pre-positioned cylindrical waveguides. The principle was developed by KS AUDIO and already shows its outstanding qualities in the P LINE.


The combination of the individual elements into a line array and the therefore required pre-correction were already fundamentally researched by KS AUDIO during the development of the T LINE and successfully implemented for its other line arrays. The result is a software that, after the input of array length (number of elements) and curving (angle to the next element), calculates the equalization for the entire system and transfers it to the DSP’s of the system controllers. In this way, the user has an immediately ready-to-use line array with optimum transmission qualities.

A special feature is the new fly-ware. It requires no external components, can be easily and securely prepared on the ground and then lifted and locked in position into the required angle. Thus a single person is able to mount and dismount the array completely.

The cabinet is made of multi-layered, waterproof glued birch multiplex and has a structured polyurethane coating. A steel grille, covered with acoustic fleece, protects the high-quality components. NL4 and NL8 connectors are accommodated on the connector panel embedded in the rear side. They can be covered with a rain protection which includes the complete wiring and a patch-bay for ball lock pins.

The 4-channel TA4D controlled amplifier, which is used for the U LINE, works highly efficiently with analog FET power stages. The wide-range switching power supply has a PFC. With the four DSP’s of the F MOD controller it supplies 2 elements in 3-way active mode.

The U LINE is a large high-end public address system, which, because of its conception, enables arrays of almost infinite capacity. Whether in the arena or open-air, it enables concerts with outstanding sound quality. The combination with the exceptional T SUB in a cardioid array leaves nothing to be desired, even in the low frequency range.

The cradle allows an array with 16 elements which only weighs 1.5 tons including the dolly. The underframe, consisting of steel tube and rubber-metal elements, enables safe transport with the forklift.





Specifications U LINE
frequency response +/-3dB 50-20000Hz
output SPL 147dB peak
dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees) 75°/2° single
system controller type TA 4D with F MOD 32Bit digital
drivers 2x 15”-cone, 4x 6,5”-cone, 4x 1,75”-Ringradiator
power in Wrms 4000W (2600WLo + 1080WMid + 320WHi) at 4 / 8 Ohms
crossover frequency 250Hz, 1250Hz
input connectors speakon NL4 /speakon NL8
output connectors speakon NL4 /speakon NL8
cabinet birch plywood
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane
dimensions (height x width x depth) 424 x 1200 x 580 mm 16.7“ x 47.2“ x 22.8“
weight (without options) 82 kg / 180.78 lbs
features integrated U-flyware
options U-RIG cradle, U-Transport cradle,
heavy duty padded black cover




Flugrahmen für U LINE Elemente (Bsp.Bild)  Dolly U LINE (Bsp.Bild)  Cover U LINE    







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