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  2 x CPD 08
1 x CPD B2
  Small/medium Open Air
  Compact PA
  Piano Bar
  Multi Media
  Multi Zone
  Music announcer



Among KS AUDIO systems, the SAT is one of the most successful sound reinforcement systems ever - a concept that was developed more than 30 years ago, has often been copied and today represents the benchmark for compact PA systems with active mono subwoofer. For many applications, our classic SAT, which has become steadily more efficient, is simply too powerful. This is why we created the SPIRIT for all those users who are looking for the sound of a good HiFi system, but also do require the live audibility of a PA and whose audience usually consists of a few hundred people.


The mid-high speaker systems specified as self-powered CPD 08 are unique in terms of small footprint combined with outstanding sound quality for sound reinforcement of vocals and music The driver/ horn combination has an equally good frequency response up to 20kHz at all angles. The 8” low-mid speaker provides an extremely powerful ND drive unit and high power capacity. The cabinet features PU coated multiplex panels, equipped with flange adapter, threads, protective grille, hinged handle and vented ports on the rear side. The built-in controlled amplifier operates in 2-way active operation mode and the NF in/out section is equipped with balanced XLR F+M.

The active subwoofer of the SPIRIT is the CPD B2: a vented cabinet, equipped with two 10” speakers in push/pull operation mode with voice coils of 30mm (!) length. These 400W speakers even reproduce the lowest frequencies distortion-free. The controlled amplifier is embedded in the woofer cabinet in such a way that an easily accessible front panel is formed on which the control elements do not protrude. This ensures efficient air circulation to both power stages (PWM mode), which corresponds to the request of many customers not to use active cooling to avoid disturbing fan noise.

As any KS AUDIO system, cabinet construction is made of birch multiplex. Due to its new PU coating, it is also tough on mechanical and chemical stress.

Recessed handles, M20 connector plate, rubber feet, protection grille and optionally acoustic front foam are further features of this premium KS AUDIO product.

Custom made enclosure design option with additional RAL coloring for permanent installation is available.




Specifications SPIRIT
frequency response + / -3dB 46 – 20,000Hz
output SPL 132 dB peak
dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees) 90° x 60°
integrated amplifier / system controller type build in PWM / D-MOS, DSP, monobass, delay
drivers 2x 10“ + 2x 8“/1“
power in Wrms (AES standard) 800W + 2x 200Wrms
crossover frequency 110Hz + 1700Hz
input connectors XLR3, powercon input (100/250VAC)
output connectors XLR3
cabinet birch plywood
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane
dimensions (height x width x depth) 580 x 350 x 580mm +400 x 240 x 280mm
weight (without options) 1x 30 kg + 2x 11 kg 1x 66.1 lbs + 2x 24.3 lbs
features standflange, handles, mounting threads
options heavy duty padded black cover












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