T4 W



Subwoofer 2 x 15"



CPD W2(1)

  Compact and medium PA
Houses of worship
Theatrical application
  C 10 / CPD 10 T 4 / CPD 15
  C 12 / CPD 12 S LINE



The subwoofer for the demanding ears! Despite its small frame size, the T4W reproduces the lowest frequencies in an accurate as well as powerful way. The construction is classic – 2 x 15” vented cabinet design of superior quality.


What makes the T4W very special are two high-capacity long-excursion speakers with 100mm voice coils and fiber-reinforced membranes, as well as the construction of the waveguide for frequencies in the range of 40Hz.

The cabinet inside is divided into two independent chambers that suppress standing waves and wall resonances efficiently. At the same time, operating reliability is increased since the two speakers are acoustically dampened separately. However, the ventilation ports apply to both chambers, which results in a higher sensitivity and lower distortion levels due to minor friction at tunnel walls.

The slim appearance of T4W makes it either particularly suitable for applications with limited room availability or smart integration into a wall niche or stage portal. Furthermore, explicit tall enclosure design simplifies lifting mid-high cabinets onto optimum stacking height.

Heavy-duty swivel castors plus connector panel are integrated in backside. The metric threads destined for swivel castor’s mounting plate may also be used for permanent installation. Heavy-duty protective grille with decent acoustic foam covering entire front of subwoofer cabinet.

A KS TA2D or a TA 4D controlled amplifier with two bridged channels provides the required power, frequency-response correction and safe protection for the two speakers.




Specifications T 4W
frequency response + / -3dB 38 – 140Hz (32Hz –6dB)
output SPL 136dB peak
dispersion spherical
system controller type KS AUDIO amp TA 2D, TA 4D bridging mode with F MOD DSP
drivers 2x 15“ -cone, 4“ -voice coil
power in Wrms 1400W at 4 ohms
upper x-over 70/120Hz
input connectors speakon NL4
output connectors speakon NL4
cabinet birch plywood
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane
dimensions (height x width x depth) 820 x 440 x 660 mm 32.3“ x 17.3“ x 26“
weight (without options) 55 kg / 121.25 lbs
features standflange, 4x heavy duty wheels, handles
options heavy duty padded black cover





Schutzhülle mit Verstärkerschutz für CPD 15W/Rollen (Bsp.Bild)




98.150 CPD W2        


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