Speaker control module


 F MOD(1)

  Touring Systems
  CA 4D
  TA 4D



The four-channel speaker controller plug-in module with digital signal processing for the amplifiers of KS series CA4D und TA4D. A unique and convincing solution for perfect sound and simple handling.The KS F MOD controller plugin module substitutes the FIRMOD1+2 modules which have been produced for 12 years now.

Besides the digital signal processing with FIR filter technique, the specialty of this module is the complete implementation of all KS speaker systems. The configuration of your speaker systems is done menu-driven directly at the module,the signal inputs and the power output getting the correct function automatically: any mode of operation is possible - from four single channels via two channels in Bi-Amp or high-performance bridged-operation to one-channel 3-way active speaker system with bass bridged power amplifier and alternatively BI-Amp control. The control and display unit allows fast and comfortable operation: direction and input keys for the display as well as a rotary knob for the parameters. When the full modulation is achieved, clearly visible LEDs inform about the use of the limiters.

By means of an Ethernetconnection you may control operating conditions and change settings from everywhere. An integrated Gigabit switch allows a looping to the slave unit. All inputs can be controlled either analogue or digitally.

An internal routing allows any allocation and even a simultaneous digital and analogue operation. Optionally, a network transmission according to DANTE protocol is possible. Despite the numerous new possibilities and state-of-theart technology, the F MOD can replace an existing analogue or digital controller by simple installation at the front side – and your PA system is again state-ofthe-art. The 4-channel KS system amplifiers have been a technically and economically unique solution for many years now. With the open config mode new additional features are possible: each channel can operate anyspeaker. You can adjust any operating mode – e.g. full-range or BiAmp – and combine it with a subwoofer. In addition, the x-over frequency can be selected.

The inputs can be routed any way so that for exact digital and analogue control is possible - or it is possible to connect a mobile analogue mixer besides the permanently installed digital mixer. The quality of the inputs has also further improved. In analogue operation 4 inputs with 27bit dynamic are available. All four inputs can also be controlled with AES/EBU signal, while these 8 audio channels can be routed arbitrarily. A sample rate of up to 192 kHz is processed. With the DANTE option transmission of 8 audio channels is also possible. 4 DSPs are implemented for signal processing. Besides the speakerspecific functions and FIR filters freely programmable parametric filters are available. By means of the Ethernet connection, all speakers can be controlled and adjusted with the KS REMOTE software. Every speaker appears as independent unit. All settings can be saved as presets. If new speakers or firmware are available, a complete update can be downloaded into your controller via USB.




Specifications F MOD
frequency range 10-22000 Hz (without processing)
analog inputs 4x 20dBv balanced, 27 Bit A/D
digital inputs 4x AES/EBU, 8x DANTE (optional)
sample rates 30 -192kHz
signal processing 4 independant DSP´s
operating modes 4-ch, 2-ch biamp, 1-ch triamp, 2-ch woofer bridge mode
speaker equalization IIR and FIR filters
user interface Soft menu, PC-Remote, HTML
size (h/w/d) 40 x 230 x 190 mm 1.6“ x 9.1“ x 7.5“
weight 0,6 kg / 1.32 lbs



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