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TA 2D 2018 back

 TA 2D 2018 front

High Power Subwoofers



The versatile amplifier with perfect features: from a basic stereo power stage to a digitally controlled 2-way active loudspeaker system with network control and monitoring, any operating mode is possible. Now with F MOD technology!


However, the TA 2D finds its best application as high-performance amplifier for all KS woofers. For this purpose, the basic program is ideally matched with configurable parameters to the respective loudspeaker type.

NEW: The same technology of the F MOD controller module has been firmly integrated. Thus the amplifier is on the same software level as F MOD and there is the possibility to update new setups and firmware over USB / Ethernet . Also there´s an integrated DANTETM Option.

Two independent amplifier channels featuring a highly efficient 3-stage Class-H circuit provide the basic configuration of the TA 2D. Each power output stage comprises 24 fast FET transistors that guarantee superb audio performance with a frequency range of up to 50kHz.

The performance of the 2HE/19” amplifier with its 2x2000W is at the upper limit of the energy level that common 16A protected 230V circuits can supply. Already at 8 ohms there are 1,000W available, which is sufficient power to operate almost any loudspeaker.

The power stages are supported by a digital audio processor with high-quality 27 bit A/D converters using gain stacking technology. This allows the implementation of 2 single channels, a stereo or a 2-way system.

The signal processing programs for all KS full-range loudspeaker systems are equipped with the FIR filter technology FIRTEC. This means individually measured, phase-pure sound reinforcement systems with an unsurpassed sound resolution.

Like the F MOD, all current speaker configurations are integrated and all settings can be saved as presets. If new speakers or firmware are available, a complete update  can be downloaded from our website into your controller via USB.

Modern wide-range switching power supply featuring power factor correction.

Technical equipment:

48 FET power transistors with NF-conducted triple operating voltage

Regulated switch-mode power adapter with PFC and inrush-current limiting, plus separate standby power supply, loudspeaker outputs with relay power-up delay, protective circuit against low-impedance and electrical overload.

Two particularly silent running, temperature-controlled fans




Specifications TA 2D (integrated controller module)
number of channels two
frequency response + / -1dB (without controlling) 5 – 50,000Hz
output power per channel 4000W peak at 4 Ohms
output impedance min. 2 ohms per channel
power supply switchmode power supply with PFC
mains voltage powercon input (100/250VAC)
amplification mode Class H MOSFET, 3 rails supply
input connectors 3x XLR3 in, 3x XLR3 out
output connectors 2x speakon NL4
cooling 2 fans, speed controlled
case stainless steel
finish charcoal black
dimensions (height x width x depth) 2U / 19“ / 350mm(13.8“)
weight (without options) 12 kg / 26 lbs
features AES/EBU, Ethernet, DANTETM option


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