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CPD W1(1)

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The subwoofer for the demanding ear! Despite its small footprint, the CPD W1 delivers a very deep, powerful yet clean, and dry sound. The speaker cabinet is a classic-vented design - 1x15” – driven by a 700Wrms PWM amplifier and has performance of the highest quality.

What makes the CPD W1 unique is the highly durable Long stroke driver with a 100 mm voice coil and reinforced cone, plus a directivity for frequencies in the range of 40Hz: the 2 vented ports openings have a large exponential cross-sectional contour that has particularly high efficiency and minimal distortion through minor losses at the tunnel openings. The CPD W1’s small size makes it especially useful for venues with limited size, or where it must be integrated into a stage-portal. With an M20 threaded pole mount, the CPD W1 becomes an ideal stand base for many of the KS CPD mid/hi cabinets, we recommend the CPD 10 or CPD 12 for correct stacking height. Input mono sum as a standard.

The speaker cabinet construction is, like all KS systems, built from birch plywood with an extremely durable PU-coating. All RAL colors available. Handles, an M20 pole mount, and protective grill, with or without acoustic foam, are further features of this premium product. The rear mounted 2-way DSP-controller / PWM amplifier operates very efficiently without the need of a – sometimes distractingly loud - cooling fan. The FIR crossover and filter is specially matched to the driver, with corresponding compressors and limiters to ensure safe operation. The electronically balanced input is in the form of XLR F+M connectors. In addition to the power switch, the control panel also has a selectable digital volume / delay control to individually adjust for each venue and offers a digital delay reaching up to 40 m for decentralized PA systems.

With 2-Channel redundancy, the volume control allows for adjustment with a range of +/-9dB. Another special feature is the DSP Controller with its integrated Delay. Which allows On-site adjustment, or the creation of a focused directivity Bass-array without any additional equipment. The limiter prevents overloading and provides for frequency response correction.

All functions of the DSP controllers can be adjusted and controlled over the Ethernet network. The most important parameters are presented on an LED display and can be adjusted directly on the unit.




Specifications CPD W1
frequency response + / -3dB 38 - 120Hz (32Hz -6dB)
output SPL 132 dB peak
dispersion angle spherical
integrated amplifier / system controller type bridged PWM FIRTEC DSP
drivers 15” -cone, 4“ -voice coil
power in Wrms (AES standard) 700W
upper crossover frequency 70/120 Hz
input connectors 2x XLR3, powercon input (100/250VAC), Ethernet
output connectors 2x XLR3 thru, powercon outlet, Ethernet
cabinet birch plywood
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane
dimensions (height x width x depth) 580 x 440 x 580 mm 22.8“ x 17.3“ x 22.8“
weight without options) 31kg / 68.34 lbs
features ethernet, integrated digital delay with display,
    REMOTE controlled, M20 pole mount
options heavy duty padded black cover, wheelboard





Schutzhülle mit Verstärkerschutz für CPD W1/Rollen (Bsp.Bild)

Schutzhülle mit Verstärkerschutz für CPD W1 (Bsp.Bild)

 Rollbrett für CPD W1


98.120 CPD W1 R  98.130 CPD W1      



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