Subwoofer 2x 18"


U SUB side FS


U SUB back FS


U SUB front FS

  Large PA
Disco & Night Club
Theatrical application
Flown Bass Array
  Large Open Air Houses of Worship
  C 12 / CPD 12 C 1214 / CPD 1214
  T 4 / CPD 15 P LINE



The U SUB belongs to the new generation of Subwoofers tailored to modern demands of contemporary sound reinforcement. Despite its compact dimensions, it produces an impressive, powerful and dry bass that never loses its musicality.

The construction of the 2x 18" housing is a hybrid-vented both front-loaded concept with the higest quality in built as performance. A special feature of the U SUB are the two extremely durable 18" speakers with long excursion, a 100 mm voice coil and reinforced cone. Also special is the way of sound conduction for frequencies below 40 Hz: the bass reflex port opens into a large chamber in front of the membrane, which results in particularly high efficiency and low distortion due to minimal losses at the tunnel opening.

The size of the U SUB makes the cabinet very suitable for use in places where there is little space in front of a stage. With the bumper the U SUB can easily be flown in large arrays like KS T or U LINE as low frequency extention.

Three stacked U SUB have a good height to serve as a platform for full-range systems such as the KS C 1214 system. In addition, the combination of 3 cabinets can serve as a 2/1 cardioid subsystem. Useful is that also reverse subs can be firmly connected to each other with the U SUB flyware.

The KS TA 2D and TA 4D / F MOD are recommended as dsp / amplifiers, they provide the required power as well the settings for frequency-response and protection for the U SUB speakers. The cabinet features 6 large handles and 4 wheels. The connector panel with double Speakon is mounted on the back of the cabinet.





Specifications U SUB
frequency response + / -3dB 38-120Hz +-3dB (32Hz -6dB)
output SPL 142 dB peak
dispersion angle spherical
amplifier TA 2D or TA 4D with F MOD
drivers 2x 18“-cone, 4"-voice coile
power capacity 3200W at 4 ohms (AES standard)
upper crossover frequency 70/120 Hz
cabinet birch plywood
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane
dimensions (height x width x depth) 580/1160/720mm
weight without options) 88 kg
features U-flyware, 4x heavy duty wheels
 options heavy duty padded black cover, softcover


Datasheet U SUB english

Datasheet U SUB deutsch




Softcover U SUB/Wheels (example picture)

 Frontcover U SUB (example picture)



98.170 C SUB  90.510 Deckel-C SUB      



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