C 1214



Full Range 12" + 1,4"


CPD 1214(1)

Live Stage Music
Delay system
Compact pa system
Houses of worship
Theatrical application
Longthrow application



The C 1214 complements the KS C-Series with an excellent horn-loaded system. Due to its horn-loaded coaxial arrangement of the LF and HF driver the directivity is well balanced for long throw applications.


This means that with a standard two-speaker setup, the audience in close proximity to the speakers will enjoy the same audio quality and definition as those further away.

Both the 12”- long excursion low-mid speaker and the 1.4” compression driver have strong but light Neodymium-Magnets. The 3” membrane of the compression driver consists of a special material that has a clearly reduced distortion factor in comparison to a titanium membrane. With the C 1214, KS AUDIO has responded to the demanding needs of the professional user with an universal loudspeaker with the highest audio quality in a compact size.

There are many applications in which the C 1214 can be used: Theatre, Live-stage Music, in large rooms or tents, as a delay system for far field, or as a compact top in combination with any KS subwoofer, we recommend the C WL Sub.

The C 1214 is equally suited for ground stacking, as well as flown with the integrated RIG C flying-system.

The speaker cabinet construction is, like all KS systems, built from birch plywood with PU coating. All RAL colors available. 4 sturdy wheels, handles, and a protective steel grill, with or without acoustic foam, are further features of this premium product.




Specifications C1214
frequency response + / -3dB 50 - 19,000Hz
output SPL 138 dB peak
dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees) 60° x 40° or 90° x 40°
system controller type KS AUDIO amp CA 4D or TA 4D with D MOD or F MOD
drivers 12” ND cone + 1.4” ND compression driver
power in Wrms 500W +100W at 8 ohms
amplification / x-over bi-amp or full-range mode (switchable) 1,200Hz
input connectors speakon NL4
output connectors speakon NL4
cabinet birch plywood
grill stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam
finish charcoal black polyurethane
dimensions (height x width x depth) 580 x 580 x 660 mm 22.6” x 22.6” x 25.9”
weight (without options) 41 kg 90 lbs
features integrated C-RIG flyware 4 x heavy duty wheels
options C-RIG cradle, heavy duty padded black cover





Schutzhülle für CPD 1214/C 1214/Rollen (Bsp.Bild)

Deckel zu CPD 1214, C 1214 (Bsp.Bild)



98.000 CPD/C 1214  90.509 Deckel-CW      


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